Guidelines to Authors to submit final manuscript



The Conference Proceedings will be included in IEEE Xplore Publications. All authors who have been accepted must register for the conference and attend the conference to present their papers. Authors who do not attend the conference to present their papers, or arrange for a co-author or knowledgeable colleague to present their paper in the absence of the primary author, will not have their paper published in IEEE Xplore, per IEEE policy.

IEEE reserves the right to exclude a submission from distribution after the conference, including exclusion from IEEE Xplore if the submission does not meet IEEE standards for scope and/or quality. Articles excluded from further distribution shall be archived by IEEE but shall not be indexed or appear on IEEE Xplore.

Please review the following Paper Guidelines:

All Papers submitted to HTC 2023 must:

  1. Be compliant with the IEEE Publications Service and Products Board Operations Manual and all policies therein
  2. Be compliant with the IEEE Code of Ethics
  3. All authors listed on the paper must be eligible to submit a paper to HTC2023.
  • Formatting your manuscript:
    • Ensure that your manuscript adheres to the IEEE conference paper template. Link for paper format for IEEE Conference .Make sure your manuscript follows the required font, font size, page layout, and other formatting guidelines specified by the conference. Submit paper
  • Proofread and review your manuscript:
    • Thoroughly proofread your manuscript for any grammatical or typographical errors. It's also important to ensure the clarity and coherence of your writing.
    • Review your paper to ensure that it meets the conference's technical requirements and the standards of the IEEE publication.
  • Finalize your manuscript:
    • Incorporate any feedback or revisions suggested by the reviewers (if applicable) or make any necessary improvements based on your own review. Double-check that all figures, tables, equations, and references are properly cited, labeled, and referred to within the text. All figures, tables and equations must be numbered and should be readable (Avoid copy paste of figure/equation/table). Ensure that your manuscript includes an abstract and keywords relevant to your paper's topic.
  • Submission process:
    • Visit the conference's website and locate the "Final Manuscript Submission" under “For Authors”. Prior to submission of the final paper, all authors need to carry out the following steps:

Register Online – Online Registration Open Now
You MUST register before uploading your final paper. Papers will be included in the proceedings only if at least one author has registered and paid the registration fee by 30 July 2023 (Final, Firm).

Corresponding Author

  • Each paper submitted to HTC 2023 must have a designated corresponding author assigned.
  • While it is traditional for the first listed author to be the corresponding author, any author of the paper may be designated the corresponding author.
  • Whereas many of the responsibilities of the corresponding author will require compliance with legal terms and conditions, such as registration and transferring copyright, the corresponding author of the paper should be an adult of 18 years of age or older with the authority to agree to any and all legal requirements for the paper.
  • The corresponding author acts as the assigned manager of the paper and should have the authority of all authors to speak collectively on behalf of all authors.
  • The corresponding author is the author responsible for completing all tasks and expectations required for the paper during the paper submission process.
  • The corresponding author is responsible for all activities related to the paper submission. This includes but is not limited to:
    1. The initial submission of a compliant manuscript on or before the submission deadline.
    2. Ensure adherence to the deadlines during the paper submission process.
    3. Making timely updates or changes to the paper that may be requested or required during the submission process.
    4. Acting as the representative to all authors associated with the paper as the lead communicator and representative for the paper.
    5. Ensuring any and all fees related to the submission, such as conference registration fee and submission fees, are paid to support final paper upload in accordance with conference deadlines.
    6. Completing the accurate final submission of the paper on or before the final submission deadline.
    7. Ensuring the paper is presented at the conference during the assigned presentation time scheduled by the organizing committee.
    8. Adherence to the HTC 2023 No Show Policy and processes therein.

1. Generation of the PDF file and validation of the manuscript by IEEE PDF eXpress

Please refere this document for PDF eXpress and Copyright notice

  • Add the copyright notice to the bottom of the first page of your source document before creating the pdf.
  • For papers in which all authors are employed by the US government, the copyright notice is: U.S. Government work not protected by U.S. copyright
  • For papers in which all authors are employed by a Crown government (UK, Canada, and Australia), the copyright notice is:
  • 979-8-3503-2614-7/23/$31.00 ©2023 Crown
  • For papers in which all authors are employed by the European Union, the copyright notice is: 979-8-3503-2614-7/23/$31.00©2023 European Union
  • For all other papers the copyright notice is (Majority of papers will fall in this category):
  • 979-8-3503-2614-7/23/$31.00 ©2023 IEEE
  • As shown below on 1st page of paper.

Proofread your source document thoroughly to confirm that it will require no revision.

The final manuscript PDF file must be validated by IEEE PDF eXpress to ensure that it is IEEE Xplore-compliant.

  • Go to IEEE PDF eXpress Website at
  • If you are a new user, select ‘New Users – Click here’ and enter the Conference ID (see below), your email address and choose a password. If you have used previously PDF eXpress you should enter the same password that was used for previous conferences.
  • The conference ID is the following: 57504X
  • Once inside PDF eXpress you have two options:

Option 1 (Recommended): You can generate the PDF file from your source files (e.g. MS Word) and the generated PDF file will be IEEE Xplore-compliant. For executing this option, you have to select “Create New Title”, introduce the title of the paper, and then upload the source files. Once the file is converted, download it. This will be the final manuscript file that you will have to upload later on in EDAS.

Option 2: You can validate a PDF file generated previously with any other tool. If you choose this option, please make sure that all the fonts are embedded, there are no bookmarks and no links (URLs). For executing this option, you have to select “Create New Title”, introduce the title of the paper, and then upload your PDF file. Once the status of the file indicates “PDF Passed PDF check; PDF is IEEE Xplore compatible”, download it from PDF eXpress. This will be the final manuscript file that you will have to upload later in EDAS (please note that EDAS will not allow you to upload the initial PDF file, but the validated and certified file that you download from PDF eXpress).

2. Upload your Xplore compatible PDF manuscript to EDAS

Upload your paper directly to “Final Manuscript” by selecting the upload icon. Submissions are due by 30 July 2023(Final, Firm).

  1. Log in at
  2. In EDAS, go to My papers and click on the link under "Upload paper".
  3. You may be prompted to submit a copyright form first, either by uploading a scanned version of the printed form or, for IEEE conferences, by going to the IEEE electronic copyright form (eCF).
  4. During upload, EDAS checks whether your paper meets the conference formatting requirements. In particular, it checks that all fonts are embedded.

Specify the presenter and complete the presenter’s biography form

Please declare who will be presenting the paper at the conference. Once in your paper record, click the Change/Add icon in the Presenter row. Indicate who will present the paper and click Choose presenter. Presenters must fill out a short bio (50-word max) on EDAS by going to the ‘My Profile’ tab and filling in the information in the ‘Brief bio’ field. Information in this form will be used by the session chairperson to introduce the presenter.

3 – Copyright

Complete the electronic copyright form via EDAS

IEEE is enforcing strict copyright rules. For your convenience, the copyright form is made available electronically through EDAS. To access the copyright form, select the icon in the copyright column within your paper record. Authors who are not authorized to sign a copyright transfer form, should download the paper version of a copyright transfer form, fill it in, and ask an authorized person to sign it.


4 – Conference registration

In order to upload the final manuscript, each paper must be covered by an author registration. Possible extra-page charges should be paid jointly with author registration. Proceed to Registration ( for author registration. Once registered, you will have to enter your registration number in EDAS.

5 – Visa letter request

If you need an visa letter, please request it through on our email with following details

[Author Name]
[Address Line 1]
[Address Line 2]
[City, State, ZIP Code]
[Passport Number: XXXXXXXX]
[Date of Birth: DD/MM/YYYY]
[Nationality: [Your Nationality]]
[Dates of the Conference: October 16th - October 18th, 2023]
[Track Name] [ Paper No] [Paper title]

Now you are ready to submit your final paper via EDAS

1. Upload your paper through EDAS


If authors wish to post their papers electronically on any website, any ftp site, or any other electronic dissemination technique, they must include the IEEE Copyright Notice on the initial screen displaying the IEEE-copyrighted material.

Paper Presentation

  • Each paper that is accepted to the conference and meets the final submission and registration requirements will be required to present their work at the conference as scheduled by the organizing committee.
  • Decisions on the Presentation type assigned to a paper are determined by the conference organizing committee considering the factors which include, but are not limited to:
    • 1. Conference Editorial Board recommendation
    • 2. Recommendations and suggestions by the paper reviewer
  • Topic and content of the paper
  • Topic interest
  • Conference delivery resources
  • Given the size of the conference and the number of papers presented during the conference, the committee is unable to accommodate special requests for presentation types and/or scheduling accommodations.
  • Authors are encouraged to plan attendance for the full conference scheduled as all presentation dates are subject to change with or without notice.
  • Virtual presentation may be allowed on a case-by-case basis as HTC 2023 2023 is an onsite only conference. Virtual presenter should be noted that there will be no live streaming or recordings available.

HTC 2023 No Shows Policy

  • Policy
    • HTC 2023 enforces a no-show policy. Any paper which is accepted to the conference, completes final submission, and is included in the final program must be presented at the conference.
    • Any accepted paper included in the final program is expected to have at least one author attend and present the paper at the conference. Non-presented paper will not be submitted to IEEE Xplore® digital library as per IEEE no-show policy.
    • The corresponding author is the scheduled presenter of the paper and is required to present the paper at the scheduled presentation date and time determined by the conference organizing committee
    • The author(s) of any paper which is added to the final conference program but is not presented as scheduled will be subscribed to the no-show list compiled by HTC 2023.
  • HTC 2023 No-Show Author List
    • Authors who are listed on the HTC 2023 no-show list will be included on said list for a period of no less than 2 years.
    • The list of no-shows will be made available to All Region 10 Conference organizers and said organizers may reject submissions from authors included on the no-show list.
  • Substitutions
    • The corresponding author is required to present the paper, should any circumstances arise where the corresponding author is unable to present the paper at the conference, the corresponding author may delegate the presentation responsibility to one of the listed co-authors of the paper to present the paper in his or her absence.
    • Said substitution of a corresponding author by a co-author must be documented and substantiated in advance via the email at with a subject "Author Substitution of Paper Number ##".
    • It is the responsibility of the corresponding author to submit a substitute/absentee case to the HTC 2023 organizer before the scheduled date of the presentation.
    • Undocumented Substitutions will be considered a corresponding author “no show”.
    • Should a circumstance arise where none of the listed authors are able to present the paper at the conference it is the responsibility of the corresponding author to submit a substitute/absentee case via the HTC 2023 Substitute/Absentee Form documenting the reason for the absence.
    • Cases submitted to the HTC 2023 Substitute Absentee Form, where the paper is not presented by the corresponding author or a substitute co-authors will be reviewed on its merits, and supporting documentation may be required.

Paper Publication & Indexing

  • Papers submitted on the Full Contributed Paper type and path, which are accepted, complete all final submission steps as outlined by the conference, are presented at the conference as scheduled, and meet the IEEE Standards for Publication will be deemed eligible by HTC 2023 Publication committee. Accepted papers will be submitted for inclusion into IEEE Xplore subject to meeting IEEE Xplore’s scope and quality requirements.
  • Acceptance to the conference does not guarantee or imply the guarantee of publication
  • Corresponding author must response to the publication committee instantly if their paper format need to be modified before publishing.
  • If the corresponding author fails to response to the publication committee, HTC 2023 reserves all the right to exclude the manuscript from publication.

Best Practices:

Authors are encouraged to

  • Ensure your email address in the author profile are up to date.
  • Check spam and junk folders for messages related to your submitted work.
  • Login as often as possible to your author workspace for any changes in status of notifications.