• Prakash Lohana
    Associate Professor & Chairperson (Computer Science Department)
    UIT University, Karachi, Sindh
    Member IEEE HTB Ad-Hoc Committee on SIGHT Best Practices
  • Shewa Ram Suthar
    Program Manager, Strengthening Participatory Organization SPO, Umerkot, Sindh


IEEE is the largest professional organisation of engineers, scientists and technologists and sets its mission and vision as “Advancing Technology for Humanity”.

To improve the quality of life of underserved/marginalised communities worldwide by empowering individuals and communities at large to develop their skills, knowledge, and resources to address their local issues and, in turn, improve the overall well-being of the underserved communities.

This seminar/workshop mainly focuses on smart technologies, including various digital and connected devices. IoT connectivity can play a significant role in facilitating community capacity-building efforts.

This seminar/workshop may cover the following areas:

  • Significance of Community Capacity Building with some examples of successful community capacity building initiatives
  • Overview of smart technologies, AI, and their applications and some examples used in community development projects
  • Identify the goals and techniques for conducting and assessing the community’s needs.
  • Strategies to enhance digital literacy within the community.
  • Collaboration and Communication Tools.
  • Basic data analysis techniques and tools
  • Community engagements and volunteerism through smart technologies
  • Economic opportunities through smart technologies
  • Ethical consideration in AI and community building
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the impact of smart technology’s involvement.
  • Case studies and Best Practices
  • Some group activities

This seminar/workshop mainly covered how AI and smart technologies offer many opportunities for community capacity building, and IEEE plays a unique role, acknowledging its responsibility towards addressing these issues and lessening the challenges that are faced by communities through smart technological innovations.